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Anytime you work with the earth, drainage problems can cause major issues – from flooded crops to eroded foundations. J. Meeker Co., Inc. is an earthwork contractor focused on solving drainage problems on farms and construction sites by excavating water reservoirs, land leveling and building shop pads, so crops are more productive and foundations are rock solid.



Land Leveling

Getting your land leveled prior to planting ensures that your irrigation water or rainwater does not puddle in low spots or run off too quickly. We can survey your field with our GPS system, adjust the fall throughout the field or create a rolling design that removes all the spots that will puddle, from the field.

Recharge Basin Construction

Using a On-farm recharge basin to sink water inside your water district, gives you options to pump more ground water in your late season when your district doesn't have water available for you. Your local GSA will give you credits for the water you sink and possibly provide financial compensation. A basin also reduces your crop ground allowing you to use that water elsewhere on years that water is limited. Introduction to Groundwater Recharge

Reservoir Construction

Water has become one of the most important resources to farmers today. Building an irrigation reservoir can make your irrigation system work more efficiently by centralizing all your water sources for consistent water quality, pressure and fertigation. We can size, design and build a water reservoir for your orchard or row crops.

Grading and Excavation

Setting your grades right around your ranch or shop will help you keep your place looking and functioning well. Water will run away from your structures and off of your roads allowing them to be driven on even when they have gotten wet. Once your surfaces are all graded, then you can add gravel, decomposed granite or asphalt grindings to your roads and yards.



The team here is filled with young and ambitious operators who are committed to perfecting their craft of moving dirt. Each operator is trained to use our grade control systems, keep their job sites clean and equipment ready, to turn out projects with efficiency and accuracy. We are glad they made the choice to work with us.



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Projects Completed





At J. Meeker Co., Inc. we know you want to maximize the use of the ground you manage. To do that, you need to avoid costly drainage problems. But it takes an experienced earthwork contractor, with the right equipment to do it.  

We know you worry because you know how drainage and leveling issues can cause problems in the future. We believe avoiding costly drainage problems shouldn’t be complicated. And we know how
important your project is, which is why we take pride knowing that over the last 6 years we
have successfully completed more than 600 projects.

Here’s how we do it:
Step 1 – Schedule And Attend Your Project Planning Consultation
Step 2 – Approve Your Project Plan
Step 3 – Complete Your Project

Stop worrying about future drainage issues by scheduling a site visit with us and get the most out
of the land you’re working with.


Get a quote: 559-667-4656
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